Limestrong Pozzolan + Lime Plasters are Cost-Effective, High-Performance Wall Finishes


There is nothing complicated about LimeStrong, but key points in the mixing, finish textures, color pigment integration, and curing processes vary significantly from common stucco finishes.

The LimeStrong Pro Application Team

Having your LimeStrong finish applied by one of our LimeStrong Pro Application Teams insures that the LimeStrong product is mixed, applied, and finished correctly.

Our team pros can finish in textures from rustically rough to glass smooth. They can apply a permanent lime-wash finish that is visually appealing, never needs painting, and develops a mellow, soft patina as it ages.

We offer two levels of application service:
1) Full Service Application by our team.
2) On-Job Assistance. A member of our pro team will direct a local plaster crew in prep, mixing, application, and finish.

bronze plaque certifying handcrafted LimeStrong finish by Pro Application Team

LEFT: This small bronze signature plaque is mounted in an inconspicious place, certifying full-service application by a LimeStrong Pro Team.

INSIDE OR OUT. Grade Fine LimeStrong makes an excellent interior finish. The native whiteness of the product is readily washed with pigment lime paints for rich, permanent color that softens to beautiful patina over time. Our Pro Teams have the skills to finish your interior walls in a variety of ways.

GET A QUOTE. When you contact us for a quote, please have a square-footage total of the surfaces that you want finished (inside and/or outside). Our estimate will include the cost of the LimeStrong material, surface preparation (if needed), application, and travel-related expenses (if applicable). Because the LimeStrong material itself is economical to produce, you'll likely find that the cost of a pro-applied, superior LimeStrong finish will be less than common stucco (outside) and/or troweled-gypsum-mud and a faux-painted finish (inside).

DESIGN DETAILS MATTER. If your house or building is still in the planning stages, contact us for advice about structure design best-practices that insure optimal performance of a LimeStrong finish.

BECOMING A CERTIFIED APPLICATOR. We also train and certify other plaster professionals to use LimeStrong. Information is found on the FAQs page.

Contact us for more information, availability, and training in the use of our LimeStrong products.


Limestrong is a product of Hess Pumice

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